Here are some of the records I've worked on recently:


Pillar Point - Pillar Point LP 

Kairos - Kairos EP 

Birch Pereira and The Gin Joints - Dream Man LP

Katie Kate - Nation

Trimtab - New Model

Truckasauras - 2012 

Pollens - Brighten and Break 

Wayne Horvitz - Whispers, Hymns, and a Murmur

Throw Me The Statue - Purpleface

Rik Rude - solo LP

Brazil Novo - Fotographia

Sundae and Mr Goessl - Makes my Heart Sway

Julian Priester - Priester's Cue LP (not yet released) 

The Pornadoes - in space

Memphis - Here Comes a City 

Slow Skate - Count The Days With Me 

Sax G - Water for Sax G 

Dawn Clement - Hush 

Hoop Dreams - Dark Summer 

Dim Light - Dim Light LP 

Colin J Nelson - Posies and Teeth 

Julian Priester - In Deep End Dance

518vsJoel - 518vsJoel LP 

Lusine - The Waiting Room 

Sunday Evening Whiskey Club - SEWC LP 

Victor Noriega - Fenceless 

The Schwa - Winter Spring